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Hanada Kazuaki Kyushu University Overview of recent progress on plasma current start-up and long-duration plasma maintenance in QUEST
Hwang Yong-Seok Seoul National University Overview of Versatile Experiment Spherical Torus (VEST) toward Advanced Tokamak Study
Majeski Dick PPPL Progress toward LTX-β
Menard Jonathan PPPL Next-Step Low-Aspect-Ratio Tokamaks Using High-Temperature Superconductors and Liquid Metal Plasma Facing Components
Ono Yasushi University of Tokyo Scaling Study of Reconnection Heating in Torus Plasma Merging Experiments 
Alladio Franco Centro Ricerche ENEA, Frascati The PROTO-SPHERA experiment, an innovative confinement scheme for Fusion
Bertelli Nicola PPPL The effects of the HHFW wave-field on the evolution of fast ion / beam ion populations in NSTX plasma 
Bongard Michael University of Wisconsin-Madison Overview of the Pegasus Non-Solenoidal Startup Research Program 
Gao Zhe Tsinghua University Recent experimental progress on the SUNIST spherical tokamak 
Gryaznevich Mikhail Tokamak Energy Ltd First Results from ST40 
Menard Jonathan PPPL Overview of NSTX Upgrade Initial Results and Modelling Highlights
Tanaka Hitoshi Kyoto University Overdense plasma production by electron Bernstein wave in the LATE device
Guttenfelder Walter PPPL Validating gyrokinetic predictions using NSTX-U plasmas 
McNamara Steven Imperial College London The spherical tokamak route to fusion power and associated challenges
Podesta Mario PPPL Destabilization of counter-propagating Alfvénic instabilities by off-axis, co-current neutral beam injection
Ribeiro Celso Consultant in Plasma Physics, San José, Costa Rica  The Versatile High Field Ultra-Low Aspect Ratio Tokamak Experiment 
Waters Ian University of Wisconsin-Madison Plasma Response, Density Control, and Neutral Fueling: EMC3-EIRENE Analysis of Edge Plasmas at MAST
Yang Jeong-hun Seoul National University Study on MHD Activity during Ohmic Plasma Operation in VEST
Reinke M.L.  ORNL Requirements, Designs and Plans for NSTX-U High Heat Flux Plasma Facing Components 
Cho Y.W.   Seoul National University Study of Ion Thermal Internal Transport Barrier Formation in Reversed Shear Plasmas Based on Role of Mode Energy Transfer 
Kim Y.G.   Seoul National University Development of Thomson scattering diagnostic system on VEST 
Kim D.Y.   Seoul National University Data Analysis of Thomson Scattering System at VEST
Kim E.H. PPPL Full-wave simulation of high-harmonic fast waves in the scrape-off layer of NSTX
Park J.K. PPPL Non-axisymmetry at the center of NSTX – Lessons to optimize 3D tokamaks 
Mueller D. PPPL NSTX-U Plasma Commissioning and Scenario Development
Elmore Sarah UKAEA Secondary ELM filaments in MAST 
Hong SeulChan   Seoul National University Development of Real-Time Controllable Power Supply System for VEST
Lopez N.A. Princeton Univ. On the feasibility of EC/EBW startup on NSTX-U
Ono M. PPPL Facility and Diagnostic Commissioning for Initial Operation of the NSTX-U Facility
Elserafy H. Kyushu Univ. Preparation of high field side injection of X-mode for EBW conversion experiment in QUEST
Sugawara T.  Univ. Tokyo Experimental Evaluation of NBI Heating for ST Formed by Merging Start-up Method in UTST 
Ushiki T. Univ. Tokyo Plasma shape reconstruction of merging spherical tokamak
Bakharev N.N. Ioffe institute Status of the Globus-M2 project
Bakharev N.N. Ioffe institute The main results of the 0.5 T Globus-M experiments
Kim D. PPPL ORBIT modelling of fast particle redistribution induced by sawtooth instability
Lloyd Brian  UKAEA MAST Upgrade – Progress & Plans
Toit E.J. du York Univ. Kinetic study of plasma current start-up under electron Bernstein wave power in spherical tokamaks
Zhong H.   Tsinghua Univ. Study of the tearing instability during the current ramp up stage in the SUNIST Spherical Tokamak
Kim S.H. KAERI Status of the Lower Hybrid Fast Wave Research on VEST
Jo JongGab Seoul National University Coupling study of Lower Hybrid Fast Wave in VEST
Ejiri A.  Univ. Tokyo Recent activities on TST-2 
Raman R. Univ. Washington Transient CHI Research on STs
Inomoto Michiaki Univ. Tokyo Merging Formation of High-Beta STs in UTST
Lee C.Y.   Seoul National University Predictive Modelling of High Performance Operation with Neutral Beam Injection in VEST
Tsujii N. Univ. Tokyo Numerical modeling of lower-hybrid current drive with outboard-launch and top-launch antennas on TST-2
Pfefferlé David PPPL NSTX Vertical Displacement Event 3D nonlinear modelling with M3D-C1
Canal Gustavo PPPL Study of the impact of pre- and real-time deposition of lithium on plasma performance on NSTX
Canal Gustavo PPPL Resistive kink/peeling modes as the triggering mechanism of ELMs on NSTX
Belova Elena PPPL Numerical simulations of stabilization of Global Alfven Eigenmodes (GAEs) in NSTX-U
Lee H.Y. Seoul National University Study on solenoid-free start-up utilizing outer PF coils with the help of pre-ionization via direct XB mode conversion from low field side injection in VEST
Kim S.C. Seoul National University Development of 0-D Tokamak Discharge Model in VEST
Kim Y.S. Seoul National University Profile measurements of ion temperature and toroidal rotation velocity from optical emission spectroscopy in VEST
Jang J.Y.   Seoul National University Development of optical probe for local emission profile and electron density measurements in VEST
Ku S.


Gyrokinetic heat-flux footprint in NSTX and NSTX-U plasmas
Choi G.J.   Seoul National University 3D Field Induced Zonal Flow Decay in Axisymmetric Fusion Plasmas
Wang J.   Seoul National University Design and Installation of a Multi-chord Interferometer System on VEST